Project and task.

Check Charly is the personalized guide and advisor for tourists and natives. Charly bundles a huge number of tourist attractions, events and locations and uses hybrid methods for categorization and user personalization. In combination, Charly is able to give whole customized and personalized recommendations for single events and multi-day trips with optimized routes.

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We not only show you things, that are near to you...

... We show you things you are interested in!

The entire trip!!!

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Get your personal guide,
See YOUR most fascinating side of the city

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The need for a better city guide.

Increasing online offers, apps and growing tourist business makes online search a time-consuming issue for finding events and arrange individual city trips. Better search algorithms and user profiles matches are necessary to save time and thus enjoy more events and locations.

Check Charly - it`s free!

Top level event and sight distributor

Benefit from the biggest sight and event portfolio by merging a broad portfolio of trip and event guides on one website and app.

Smart selection algorithm

The search and selection algorithm for personalized user recommendations optimizes itself continuously and iteratively by interpreting previously user behavior and big data analysis.

Complete tour and track guide

The web service supports the full planning of multi-day trips by arranging the personalized event and location recommendations on optimized routes. A well planned schedule recommendation gives further the opportunity to a time exploited and rich in variety day trip.

Advanced categorization

Attractions, events and locations are categorized in a manner to get correlations to social user profiles and interests.


What makes Check Charly always the best choice?


The in-depth research of a cross-functional team for the best recommendation algorithms

Data Mining & Analysis

Data Mining and Big Data analysis is a part of an efficient way to match the user with potentially recommendations and to increase the accuracy of the recommendation algorithms.

Surveys & Studies

Research in surveys and studies in sociology, marketing and tourism are the basis to give recommendations for defined user groups and personal profiles.

User Friendly

After a short questionnaire, Check Charly gives a complete and suitable schedule recommendation for the user, out of a huge number of event providers and locations. All recommended events and locations can be booked easily online. No need for time-consuming online and offline research and selection.

JUST ENJOY MORE - Optimized route planing considering your expecations and interests combined with easy online booking of events and locations ensure the best time-for-experience ratio

The Vision:

Imagine, there is a city guide, who knows you!

A city guide who cares about your city experience and leads you the entire time, for free!